3 Tips to Build Locum Tenens into Your Workplace Planning

As the shortage of healthcare professionals grows, many hospitals and other medical facilities increasingly are turning to using locum tenens professionals.  

In fact, Becker’s Hospital Review found in a 2023 survey that 88 percent (!) of hospitals, medical groups, etc. had used locums in the prior 12 months

Bringing in locum doctors, NPs, RNs, PT, Ots, and more can address not only immediate staffing needs but also helps ensure that you’ll be able to deliver high-quality, continuous care to your patients. 

Whether you’ve decided to use a locum tenens staffing company to help you when physicians are on leave or vacation, when you’re experiencing other staffing shortages or just making sure you have enough healthcare pros on hand for anticipated peak periods, locums can help on a temporary basis, saving you the cost of hiring full-time staff. 

1. Create a comprehensive orientation program to help locums integrate seamlessly into your staff. 

The key to help locums get up to speed quickly is to create a good orientation program built to help them acclimate quickly to your facility’s specific protocols, culture and standards of patient care. 

A well-constructed orientation program helps locums become as effective and efficient as your permanent team members from the get-go. Creating an orientation program is crucial to ensure the maintenance of quality patient care and shortening their learning curve. 

2. Achieving scalability and flexibility.

Using locums lets you adjust your staffing levels in real-time, helping you respond to any fluctuation in patient demand.  

This can be especially useful when patient demand surges unexpectedly or even during the “usual” seasonal fluctuations, as well as when staff are on vacation, ill or on leave. 

3. Preventing permanent staff burnout while reducing your turnover costs.

Using a locum tenens staffing company can benefit your permanent staff’s health, well-being…and even your bottom line. 

Supplementing your staff with locum doctors and other healthcare staff during peak patient need can help you steer clear of overtime, burnout and even turnover, thus helping you keep morale and job satisfaction high among permanent staff.  

This also greatly lowers the costs you’ll incur if you need to hire/train new staff due to turnover. 

Locum tenens doctors and other healthcare professionals provides a practical answer to your staffing challenges – and they are many! 

Ensuring an easy integration while leveraging the flexibility and scalability that using locums professionals to help protect full-time staff from excessive stress and eventual burnout, will improve your facility’s efficiencies, reduce costs and – most importantly – maintain a high level of care for your patients. 

SUMO Staffing has been helping healthcare practices and hospitals with their locum tenens needs for X years.  

In addition, we’ve created a Locum Revenue Generator for our partners that can help you ascertain how much revenue a locum will bring in. 

Learn more about how we can help you integrate locums into your workforce planning.