A Practical Guide to Locating Accommodations

You’ve done the research, found a job posting you love and the contract is signed. Now, all you need is a place to live. While some agencies will pay for and secure your housing, some may offer you a stiped, meaning you get to find your own housing. 

This gives you more control – and who doesn’t love that?! But it does involve a bit more work on your end. Check out these suggestions from Realtor Jennifer Byrd. 

Short Term Rentals

There are usually a couple of furnished apartment complexes that do short term rentals in each town. Put your Google skills to work, or, call a real estate agent in the area. 

Sometimes, the agent will be compensated with a small commission from the apartment complex. If a commission is not offered by the management company, you can offer compensation to an agent on your own so they’re willing to help. (These leases typically offer little or no commission to agents.) 


Everyone loves exploring Airbnbs – and what better way to check out what a new town has to offer? Most renters/investors post on Airbnb and love to work with healthcare contract workers. Many BNB owners advertise to locum tenens workers especially – and purposefully buy/renovate properties near hospitals for this very reason. 

Check with Coworkers

On most medical staff, you’ll find one or two investors who rent out homes to contract physicians and locum tenens providers. Word of mouth is an effective strategy. Talk to the HR department at your facility since they most likely know which members of the medical staff have property for rent. 

Negotiate When Possible

If you are looking at a weekly rental, but the rate seems a bit high, and your contract is longer than a few weeks, let them know! Many management companies will be willing to negotiate a lower rate, sometimes at a significant cost savings. 

Bring Your Own

If you’re close enough – and willing to bring a few of your own furnishings – check on non-furnished rentals. In this instance, you’ll want to try and negotiate a higher rent rate that includes utilities and a shorter lease.   Not only will you be able to avoid the hassle of utility hook-ups, you may also find a cost savings. 

Call an Agent

If you don’t have time to do the legwork, or your local HR team can’t offer any attractive housing options, don’t be afraid to reach out to a proactive real estate agent. As long as you offer suitable compensation, they will be happy to help you find housing that fits your needs. 

RV Roughing It

And of course, don’t forget RV Parks! If you have an RV, or want to rent one for this new adventure, you’ll have no trouble finding a spot in a local RV park. These owners love longer term tenants and you’ll be surrounded by a great community immediately on arrival.  

Remember, in real estate, everything is negotiable! Do your research, know what will work for you and what absolutely won’t – and be patient. The perfect accommodations may literally be just around the corner.

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