Beyond the Bottom Line: How Locum Tenens Can Boost Patient Satisfaction

We’re not going to lie: patient satisfaction can be hard to raise and then maintain. 

Here’s why: patients tend to be the most satisfied when they feel that they received a good deal of attention from the nurses providing them direct care.. 

Naturally, if a facility is “short” on nurses, patients probably will be less satisfied. 

A solution?

Hiring more nurses on a temporary basis with the help of a locum tenens staffing service

Doing so means hospitals and other healthcare facilities can quickly fill gaps in staffing, helping to ensure that their patients receive the care they need – and expect. 

Locum tenens nursing professionals tend to be highly skilled and experienced, integrating easily into your existing healthcare team and also providing your patients the level of expertise and care as your permanent nursing staff. 

Using locum tenens nurses goes beyond merely keeping empty positions filled

Locum professionals of all kinds help improve a medical facility’s quality of care, as they often share best practices and new techniques learned during previous locum assignments.

Locums also help improve your current team members’ satisfaction

Any health care worker, at any level, easily can become burned out and overwhelmed. Providing high levels of patient care thus becomes more and more challenging as the medical professional receives no respite.

Locum tenens pros are additional support for your permanent employees, helping to ease their burden, helping them to continue providing exceptional care to your patients.

Continuity of care….continues

Seeing the same healthcare pros each time they visit a healthcare facility or stay in the hospital is critically important to your patients.  

A 2024 Swedish study of 404 patients found that having what the study called the “importance” of a “regular general physician” or “RGP” “was considered by 86 percent of the patients. Preference for a certain GP was thought important by 73 percent of the patients… and 69 percent considered having an RGP was important. 

Seeing different healthcare pros often during a hospital stay or doing a routine checkup can be unsettling for patients at worst and sub-optimal at best. Using locum tenens nurses and other healthcare pros to fill staffing gaps during shortages mean they can attend to non-regular patients during staffing shortages, keeping your full-time staff focused on seeing their regular patients, as needed. 

Lowering patient stress during emergencies

Locums also can help reduce wait times in urgent care facilities and emergency rooms. Patients often are overwhelmed at such times and delays only exacerbate that stress. Ensuring locums are available to fill staffing gaps in these facilities can help reduce wait times and improve patients’ overall experience with your facility.  

Whether your healthcare facility wants to improve overall patient satisfaction over time to ensure that patients are seen as quickly as possible during emergency situations, a locum tenens staffing service such as SUMO Staffing can be a highly effective solution. 

Learn more about how we can help you remain fully staffed at all times.