Locum Tenens: A Gateway to Entrepreneurship in Healthcare

If you were born with an entrepreneurial spirit, the idea of working for someone else instead of working for yourself may not seem like the most attractive career plan.

And though the idea of moving from a permanent job as a healthcare provider to a locum tenens assignment may not seem like a step toward entrepreneurship – after all, you’re trading one boss for multiple bosses in multiple job settings – locum tenens is a bigger step than you think! 

Consider the many reasons entrepreneurs decide to step out on their own. 


They want to be in charge because they want more flexibility and freedom. Locum tenens health care providers get to handpick where they work, when they work and they have a chance to try new things and do more of the types of assignments they enjoy. (And fewer of the assignments they don’t!) 

Better Pay and Benefits 

Depending on your experience, training, certifications and location, locum tenens providers can almost name their price and get paid more than healthcare providers in traditional roles. When you add in the travel and housing benefits, the locum tenens package gets even better. 

On-the-Job Learning 

If you’ve ever spent any time with an entrepreneur, you know they never stop learning. As a locum tenens provider you’ll have a chance to learn new healthcare skills wherever you go, of course – but you’ll also have the opportunity to learn a variety of business skills, too.  

This is on-the-job training at its finest. Learn how to manage finances as an individual contractor. Learn how to research and evaluate different opportunities. And learn how to market yourself and your skills successfully.  

Build Your Reputation and Network 

As you move from one assignment to another, whether you realize it or not, you’ll be building a network of contacts all over the country – and building a reputation for yourself. And any good entrepreneur will tell you, you’re only as good as your reputation. 

A good reputation will help you attract premium assignments and attain the success you seek. Once your reputation and networks are in place, you’ll find more open doors and opportunities than ever before. 

So, if you’re looking for a way to step into entrepreneurship, locum tenens can be a gateway of opportunity as you hone the skills you need to become the boss you want to be! 

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