Hawaii Psychiatrist for Corrections





JOB NUMBER: 40405-9733

Need currently open are highlighted and call to discuss how to look at the needs that will open and how to be next in line for those options:

Hawaii State Corrections is open and hourly inclusive rate is $140.00 per hour and client prefers board certified in psychiatry but will work with board eligible.

Oahu: (full time 3-6 months need open)

·        Halawa Correctional Facility (HCF)

·        Oahu Community Correctional Center (OCCC)

·        Women’s Community Correctional Center (WCCC)

·        Waiawa Correctional Facility (WFC)

Hawaii: (one day a week need open)

·        Kulani Correctional Facility (KCF)

·        Hawaii Community Correctional Facility (HCCC)

Maui (only one option opens):

·        Maui Community Correctional Center (MCCC)

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