Nazrul Chowdhury, M.D. – Hospitalist

It’s my pleasure to write this letter regarding my experience as a locum tenens hospitalist working with SUMO Medical Staffing as an independent contractor.

SUMO Medical Staffing has been helping me find jobs and supporting me through my assignments as a locum hopsitalist since August of 2013. Being a fresh graduate out of residency school, I did not have any idea or knowledge about how to find locum jobs and what things I needed to do in terms of licensing, credentialing, traveling to and from my work place and getting to know people in a new work place, at that time. SUMO Medical Staffing officials have been so helpful and supportive that finding jobs and working through them has been a pleasant and joyful experience for me.

I would like to mention how individual staff members of SUMO Medical Staffing have helped me:

Dee Dee Fullmer has been very professional in supporting and helping me since day one. She goes above and beyond the call of duty to help me, which I believe she does for all other healthcare professionals who work with SUMO Medical Staffing. I have called her multiple times on weekends or while she was on vacation to let her know about my concerns and she would address my concerns with a great helping attitude. She has a great demeanor, which makes me feel at ease, any time I talk to her on the phone regarding my job.

Laura Klein’s support has been phenomenal. She is always on top of things when it comes to booking flights (even changing and canceling flights multiple times for a single assignment), renting cars, spending and receiving time sheets and making sure the pay check is being deposited in the provider’s account at the right time.

Jeannine Peterson did an incredible job in getting my credentialing done promptly and helped me through the whole process in a very professional manner; without her help, the paperwork for credentialing would have been overwhelming for me. She also made sure that I had copies of my malpractice insurance coverage and addressed my questions to help me understand how it works.

SUMO Medical Staffing’s handling of a provider’s time sheet and payment process is less complicated than that of some other locum agencies.

We appreciate the light truly only when we experience darkness. My appreciation of the great support and help from SUMO Medical Staffing is similar to that, after I have experienced very poor service from another locum agency.

There are good locum agencies in the healthcare field; SUMO Medical Staffing is currently one of the best, in my opinion.